Herbal support for the labors of parenting and caregiving.

Creating a relationship with plant medicine on your journey to self-love and self-recovery.

Nurture and be nurtured.




  • Mothering Self Tea - a nourishing blend for the pregnancy and postpartum journey
  • One Heart Family Tea - a calming and harmonizing blend for the entire family
  • Heart Womb Tincture - bringing our two creative centers (the heart and the uterus/womb) into alignment
  • Balance Tincture - a liver and sexual health tonic for healthy hormone production and hormonal balance
  • Dlo Beni (Sacred Water) - inviting in sacred energy wherever you are and whenever you need it
  • Return to Self Elixir - an energizing and sweet reminder of who you are in the face of overwhelm
  • Liquid Courage Elixir - encouragement to say what needs to be said and to ask for support
  • Listen to Your Heart Chest Balm - when you need to shake off that 'touched out' feeling and reconnect with your body on your terms


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